UFO Sighting in Navasota, Texas on 2017-07-23 21:30:00 – Obsrved a perfect, orange, translucent sphere as big as life, travelling from the south to the north. observed for approximately 45 seconds

I was outside at approximately 9:30 p.M. talking on my cell phone gazing at the stars. upon completing my call i went in the house, set down my phone down and decided to go back outside to view the stars, hoping to see a satellite or shooting star. i was looking up for about five minutes when i noticed an orange, what i thought was a refection in a tree. i said to myself, what could be reflecting orange out here and looked back toward the house to see if there was a source. there were no lights on. i looked back, took one step to the left to see what it was and observed the most stunning thing i have ever seen. it was a perfect, orange, translucent sphere the size of a basketball cruising along from the south, houston, heading north at approximately 25 degrees above the horizon. i was utterly dumbfounded. i have star gazed my whole life and been to every air show for the last twenty years. i have never seen anything like it. it had a translucent appearance with some variance in the surface color. i immediately tried to discern if it was manmade. it was so plainly visible i could not see anything to make me think it was manmade. there was no sound and it just floated along with slight up and down movements. i moved around the trees and kept in view for approximately forty five seconds. i yelled for my friend to come out, but by the time he made it out and looked it went behind the trees to the north. the most amazing thing i have ever seen. it was surreal.

UFO Sighting in Sequim, Washington on 2015-03-06 14:21:00 – Triangle cloud formation and the glowing object (not a lens flare)

I took this picture almost a couple years ago and i saw a triangle clouds i took a picture and noticed the red glowing thing off to the left and when i looked back up after looking at the picture i took and it was all just about gone but the top of the triangle. i am waiting for nasa tot get back to me but feeling they will not and hoping i can get some answers.. i know it is not a lens flare i have taken many many picture after this of the sun in all forms of lighting and clouds and not once have any repeat of this sighting

ROSWELL UFO SHOCK CLAIM: ‘I drove crashed flying saucer away on back of truck’ – Express.co.uk


ROSWELL UFO SHOCK CLAIM: 'I drove crashed flying saucer away on back of truck'
The Roswell myth has been at the heart of the UFO scene since in July 1947 the military sensationally announced in a press release it had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert nearby. But the following day it retracted the

Black Triangle Sighting in Dallas, Oregon on 2017-07-17 22:05:00 – One ufo heading from south to east,another one heading from noth to east, gliding no noise,landing light on white looking bottom shuttle like description 0ne third size of the bigger one used for space flight.

I was looking out my house window looking south in the sky noticed object at a lower altude no noise approaching my house heading north bright landing light on the bottom i then went to the front to see the ufo coming over the craft looked like a swept wing shuttle the bottom color was white could not see what color the top because of the bright landing light no engine noise red light was above the white light the ufo was heading in a down ward path i noticed a jet was small like a fighter jet heading from west to east another jet was heading in the opposite direction both jets were well above the ufo,then as i was looking at the ufo descending another one came from the same direction looking like the lead ufo came in faster and in a steeper incline as to catch up,no#2 ufo also had no noise and also descending untill both of them i lost sight. as for my reactions,and feelings i thought it may be a smaller space craft that the air force was testing.

UFO Sighting in Oxford, England on 2017-06-09 17:30:00 – A small disk passed from left to right while i was standing in tesco carpark. it disappeared behind a building and did not come out the other side.

A friend and i were on our way to tesco, after which we were planning to go on to an evening picnic. when we made it to the carpark (facing tesco and the white rabbit pub), my friend pointed to the sky, and we both observed a disk like object pass from left to right. it was small, disk shaped object, that in fact looked a little like a flying saucer sweet! at first i thought it must have been a balloon-craft (it could perhaps have been a zepplin?) but it was too far away. it was very fast, and maintained a strangely path. it was a dully blue on top, and a dull yellow underneath. the evening light seemed to shine off the bottom. i could not make out any windows, only a domed shape on the top and the bottom. it disappeared behind a building to our left and did not come out the other side. i can only assume it changed direction. my friend and i looked at each other, shocked! we could not believe what we had seen and started guessing at plausible explanations. we did not know who to go to until we found this site! we are planning to go back when university starts again to try and catch it again, and take a photo if we see anything. we were heading to a picnic to celebrate the full moon. we thought that maybe the full moon may have some connection to what we saw. we would love some feedback to put this idea to rest in our heads if this is possible!

UFO Sighting in Alicante, Valencian Community on 2013-04-02 10:10:00 – Watched two flying over

Whilst out playing tennis i was talking to a friend and we both looked up to mention what a nice day it was to play tennis. then i saw 2 flying spheres quite distinct in the sky flying over us. at the start they were on top of each other in the sky and as they passed us the lower craft went behind the first as to follow the first. i remember how sperical they were and how shiny they looked. clear sky so could watch them as far as the eye could see. no other aircraft in the schnand was def not a plane as we were standing too close to see. no wind as it was a perfect sunny day and they were moving quite fast in the sky.

Elmwood Library to host Clifford, book sale during UFO Days – Pierce County Herald

Pierce County Herald

Elmwood Library to host Clifford, book sale during UFO Days
Pierce County Herald
Since starting in March, Johnson has culminated approximately 4,000 books for a massive sale to take place during UFO Days while also bringing in Clifford the Big Red Dog, the main character from the popular children's book and television series of the …

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UFO Sighting in Front Royal, Virginia on 2017-07-19 10:15:00 – I saw a black oblong shaped object in the sky that makes no sense to me.

I was driving through front royal, va and noticed an object in the sky that was long, black and cigar shaped. i thought it was a paraglider at first, but no one was suspended from it. then i thought it might be a balloon, but it wasn’t moving. when i saw the object it was hanging horizontally in the sky and then slowly moved to a vertical position. that was the only movement it made. it was literally hovering in the air. when i arrived at my destination i took three photos and then went to get my kids out of the car so they could see. it took me about 30 seconds to get them out and by then the object was gone. there were no clouds that day, it was hot, and a light breeze. this object did not make any sense as it did not move- no swaying, no dropping, no bending, nothing.