Roswell The Proof

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Roswell Proof
Roswell Proof

Roswell The Proof

By D.E. Alexander

Adoni Films has begun production on a film based on Roswell The Proof the newest book from Conspiracy Author D.E. Alexander.

Adoni Publishing has released Roswell The Proof the newest book from Conspiracy Author D.E. Alexander.


Roswell The Proof

That a UFO Crashed in Roswell

By D.E. Alexander


In Ufology the Roswell Event is a pivotal event that has fixated people around the world for five decades since the first modern book on Roswell appeared in the 1970’s well after the event had occurred.

What is the TRUTH about Roswell?

What is the PROOF that Roswell was a real UFO event?

While the US Government has released a 50 year anniversary update on ‘Roswell’ that is absolute non-sense to anyone that actually knows about Roswell, the recent attention of a FBI FOIA document on the official FBI site is the topic of this book. This document is the 1950 Guy Hottel Flying Saucer document. The FBI boasts it means nothing about Roswell and yet they redacted many parts of the document.

This document is presented in this book without the redactions the FBI made and you will be shocked to learn WHAT THE FBI IS HIDING in the Guy Hottel document that proves the document is ALL ABOUT ROSELL.

This document PROVES the US Government is COVERING UP what really happened at Roswell and about UFOS in general.

The most explosive book you will ever read on Roswell is ROSWELL THE PROOF.


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