Guy Hottel FBI Flying Saucer UFO Document

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Guy Hottel FBI Flying Saucer UFO Document

Yesterday I broke a great new UFO story that could open up many secret files he US Government has in regards to UFOS and Roswell.

While the FBI site openly puts out to the public the Guy Hottel UFO and Alien document from its own site, and they admit it is their most viewed image, they claim it proves NOTHING. Then why do they redact basic information such as what agent is involved and the informants name since it’s now 65 years old, the Hottel memo to J Edgar Hoover?

Sure Guy Hottel is named, it’s his memo, but the memo refers to a special agent that is redacted and I was sent a copy of the memo where the name Lynn Aldrich appears. I guess I was chosen to get the document since it was I who in 2002 found the name Lynn Aldrich in another major FBI document the agency had blacked out. I was able to use modern digital technology to view agents Aldrich’s name on photos from 1947 that show a modern day wing stealth bomber flying over the skies of Arizona.

The Hottel memo when viewed without the redactions is a ‘smoking gun’, since ROSWELL NEW MEXICO was redacted and a major witness from the Roswell event is the ‘informant’. Then Agent Aldrich is the agent who had his name hidden by the FBI.

Authentigrapah a document authentication company looked at the document I got and they concluded the source of the document is closer to the original document than what the FBI now has on their site.

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