D.E. Alexander UFO Book #1 Best Seller Amazon

My publisher Adoni Publisher informs me that my new book on CONSPIRACIES and UFOS has hit #1 for Amazon Best Sellers about UFOS.


They want me to start doing some ‘promotional’ stuff since the list I hit is for FREE EBOOKS a hard to hit list that is filled with lots of garbage offerings by unknown self-published authors usually. Not all publishing houses make new titles available for FREE as my recent book was offered, but it shows how the cream rises to the top when a legitimate publisher makes a new title FREE it takes over that genre since self-published authors don’t have the network to promote their own titles.

So I’m king of the dung hill at Amazon, that being FREE PARANORMAL eBooks on Kindle.

Now they say if I start to make the rounds on shows such as Coast to Coast I can easily reach #1 on the PAID LISTS.

So if you have a large audience on the radio or net or on TV my agent says contact them.

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