UFO Sighting in Florida on 2017-09-12 23:20:00 – Used ce-5 protocol; during mediation heard clicking noises and saw an image of my backdoor. i went outside and saw the ufo.

On september 12th, 2017, i meditated using the ce-5 protocol at home, however, i did it twice and my session lasted two hours. at approximately one hour and a half, i started saying “peace and love” in my mind repeatedly. that’s when things started to pick up. i started to hear clicking noises and within my mind seeing repeated images of my backdoor. my alarm rang letting me know the session was over. i went through my backdoor to go to my backyard, looked up to the sky for a minute. i then saw a star glow a bright orange-yellow, it then streaked to the left then at an nw angle to the clouds. it moved lighting fast!! this was my first time seeing a ufo.

UFO Moviez India(UFO, 539141) Stock & Share Price Update With Analysis – September 19, 2017 – Outlook India

UFO Moviez India(UFO, 539141) Stock & Share Price Update With Analysis – September 19, 2017
Outlook India
UFO Moviez India closed at Rs. 399.25 which was 4.25 points more than today's lowest price and 3.75 points less than the day's highest with the day's lowest being Rs. 395 and highest being Rs. 403 . By this time of the day, a total of 37,252 shares

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US Navy is running top secret programme to detect alien spacecraft under the ocean, UFO expert claims – The Sun

The Sun

US Navy is running top secret programme to detect alien spacecraft under the ocean, UFO expert claims
The Sun
THE US Navy is running a top secret programme to detect unidentified submerged object – or USOs – under the sea, according to a UFO expert. Marc D'Antonio, an astronomer and chief photo/ video analyst for UFO organisation MUFON, said he witnessed …

Black Triangle Sighting in Marion, Illinois on 2017-06-15 02:01:00 – No memory and mind fuctions not the same after see triangle ship fly overhead

I seen the ship along with friend ever since i have not been the same. i feel full of the truth and facts on theorys. my mind races obsessed with knowing that our reality is fake and science fiction is true. the war of the truth not coming out and the mind control the one who play god have is becoming emotionally and mentally stressed. but that is thier plan i am no longer a usefull tool for them i am defective for knowing the truth .

Bait diggers ‘ordered off British beach by armed military after seeing odd triangle UFOs’ – Express.co.uk


Bait diggers 'ordered off British beach by armed military after seeing odd triangle UFOs'
Paranormal investigator Paul Sinclair tells their story in a new book he is penning about the Wilsthorpe incident, which has been branded Britain's new Roswell due to the mysterious military activity seemingly connected to UFO sightings. The two men

UFO Sighting in Wilmington, North Carolina on 1987-07-15 02:00:00 – Woken by glowing outside of window and saw shadow of humanoid figure. time seemed to stand still.

one night in july 1987 when i was 11 years old i was awoken by a humanoid figure outside of my window. it was lit from behind so i saw the shadow and outline. time seemed to standstill. i was afraid but i covered my head and eventually i went back to sleep. in the morning i could find no evidence of what happened and i did not mention it because i was afraid and thought that maybe it was just a dream. a few years later i was in my bedroom sleeping when i was awoken by a figure at the end of my bed. i sensed that this was the same figure that i had seen a few years earlier. this time i could not move. from the second event, i often found myself waking up outside of my bedroom. i sometimes found myself in my car, in the driveway listening to music and i once myself at a local beach in my car, even though i’m sure i went to bed in my bedroom that night. during this time, i often had weird sensations in my body and extremities and also strange mental sensations. i often found myself daydreaming in school or wherever i was and looking at myself as if through another person’s eyes from across the room. if i closed my eyes, i always saw a huge, spaceship like structure in the distance with blinding red pulsating lights. strange things like this happened to me until i was 27 years old. this is also the year that i moved to japan and since i’ve been living in japan i have not had any of these events that i’m aware of. i just want these facts to be recorded as i’m not sure how much longer i’ll be able to recall these details.

UFO Sighting in Brecon, Wales on 2017-09-02 19:01:00 – Travelling down from 100+ft away tree line to a height of 2 meters above water in 1/2 second!

1) filming over a lake with my drone. 2) when i played back the footage i noticed it. 3) i did not know what the object was when i established it could not have been an insect or a bird. therefore, a ufo. 4) the object was bight white no more than 2 feet i would say looking at the closer footage. looked elongated because of the speed which i was recording at and the speed it was travelling at also. and could be seen in the footage coming from over 100 ft away, it first appears at the top of the tree line moving towards the camera on the drone swooping down to about 2 mtrs. above the lake where the drone was stationary. then swooping up. the object flew towards my drone from over 100 ft away at incredible speed 19 frames in total i filmed at 30 fps. so it completed that distance in just over 1/2 second. faster than any known insect or bird known. 5) i did not see this object at the time as i was 300 meters away, it was the drone footage i saw after when editing and i was somewhat shacked that i captured not just this one but a further 4 objects two of which left a trail. i have uploaded the footage to youtube with various speeds to the footage to/for analyses. 6) the object flew out of camera shot and lost sight of it on the recorded footage.

Upcoming: New Defense Tech/ The Paranormal in Fiction

Air Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017

John Yoo served in the Bush administration Justice Department. In the first half, he’ll discuss why he believes the US must respond to challenges by embracing new military technologies such as drones, autonomous robots, and cyber weapons, which can help clamp down on terrorism, or end humanitarian disasters.

Linda Stasi is a media personality, and a columnist for The New York Daily News. She’ll update her work on the "Veil of Veronica" as well as discuss the various ways she uses the paranormal in her writing process.