Boyd Bushman Alien Photos Video

Seems I missed the whole Boyd Bushman Alien Photo scam.


Since I’m doing some fresh research on Roswell for a new book I was signed to write, all the recent non-sense about Roswell is on my radar.

So Boyd Bushman and his ALIEN PHOTOS pops up and he has some nice cites in major media with links to a video that was removed.

So eventually I find the video and I’m still laughing. Some of his earlier videos are interesting if you are a layman and have no clue as to basic theories in physics.

Bushman claims many patents and a long career in aerodynamics spanning back to the days of Hughes. He does appear to have a patent on magnetic magnification using of all things MERCURY. This smells like the Nazi DIE GLOCKE (the BELL), mercury, magnetism and anti-gravity all add up to DIE GLOCKE.

In one video Bushman does a simple physics test that is over 150 years old. A magnet dropped inside a copper tube creates a magnetic field that slows it’s drop and the law is Lenz’s Law.

Yet if you watch the video you are led to believe this is a ‘discovery’ by Bushman and recent.

While some say Bushman worked at Area 51, I do not see that claim in the videos I’ve watched and he mentions over and over as a SENIOR SCIENTIST I gave instruction to my ‘contacts’ at Area 51 to take pictures with my camera of the aliens and images they see when traveling at super fast speeds way beyond TSOL (the speed of light).

Interestingly he puts forth images of a doll from the 1990’s sold in Kmart as what aliens look like.  These photos were sent to him by his ‘contacts’ inside Area 51.

Here is the video of what appears to be a feeble old man who may be senile discussing Roswell and Area 51 and fake alien photos he thinks are real.

Here is Bushman claiming in the past 10 to 15 years he got this image fresh from ‘contacts’ in high places at Area 51 of real aliens.

The second photo is the Alien Doll sold at Kmart since 1990 or so.

Boyd Bushman Alien Photo
Boyd Bushman Alien Photo
Boyd Bushman Alien Doll
Boyd Bushman Alien Doll

Due to the Roswell Event being almost 70 years old now, the only way to get credible new evidence is from seeing the originals of UFO and ROSWELL documents from the FBI and Military that are NOT REDACTED.

I’m not sure if Bushman had almost 30 patents or if he was ever employed in major positions at the companies he claims.

His alien doll photos and use of the Lazar story as ‘proof’ makes me yawn and wish I didn’t have to research Roswell again.


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