Batch Of CIA Records On Lee Harvey Oswald Set to Be Released In October, Has Conveniently Gone Missing

Many conspiracy theorists have searched for answers over the years regarding the assassination of John Kennedy. It was officially said that Harvey Oswald, a former marine had been the one who pulled the trigger and killed the president; however, this has been disputed by many.

All Documents Relating To Assassination Should Be Revealed By 26 October 2017

All of the documents for all of the entities of the government have been required by the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act 1992 to be revealed to the public on 26 October 2017. However, the volume of documents with the name of “volume 5” might not get released and history will repeat itself.

In July 3,810 documents belonging to the FBI and CIA about the assassination from the Assassination Records Review Board put out some revelations that researchers of the assassination had eaten up and publicized. An example from the documents was that Earle Cabell was the mayor of Dallas at the time of the assassination and he was an asset of the CIA during the 1950s and brother Charles Cabell had been a CIA high-ranking official until 1962.

Is Missing Volume A Clerical Error Or Deliberate Concealment?

This release was anticipated by many people who have been looking for answers but thanks to either a clerical error that has been timed conveniently or deliberate hiding, one whole volume of documents might never be released to the public.

Langley Air Force Base is the headquarters of the CIA, and it has an office with the name of Office of Security. This is the place where archives that are top secret are stored, and these are called the Office of Security Archival Holdings. This is a different archive from the one that is frequently used which is found in Alexandria VA and called the Agency Archival Record Center.

There Were 7-Volumes In 1977, When Checked By Russ Holmes

The whole 7-volume collection of the documents had been intact in 1977 and it was checked out by Russ Holmes, and it was said that the whole 7-volumes had been in the Office of General Counsel at that time. However, when the CIA was asked to turn over all of the documents on Lee Harvey Oswald, who was said to have been the one who pulled the trigger to kill the president, the agency stonewalled said investigator Malcolm Blunt.

Blunt said that a big search by the CIA did not find the security files about Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination Records Review Board were not told about their existence. It was not until 1997 when a staff member of the ARRB came across evidence that two investigations by Congress had gained access to the files that the CIA managed to find the files.

In 1998 Volume 5 Was Missing

The 7-volume set was eventually received by the AARB in 1998; however, staff members found that volume 5 out of the 7 set was in fact missing. The agency said that perhaps volume 5 had been put together with volume 4 or 6. The agency came to the conclusion that there might not ever have been a volume 5 in the security files on Lee Harvey Oswald and in fact there were only 6 volumes.

2017 has been the year that many conspiracy theorists have been waiting for as this was the year when the files on Lee Harvey Oswald might shed some light on the assassination. The Citizens against Political Assassinations is one group that has been waiting to get hold of the documents, including volume 5. They are of the belief that the narrative of the government is full of holes and it is something that needs to be looked into. A lot of the members of the group are lawyers, and many want to clear the name of Lee Harvey Oswald of any wrongdoing as they believe he was a scapegoat.

Lawrence Schnapf, Chair of the Environmental Law Section of the New York Bar Association has voiced many comments about the current president along with the relationship he has with the Deep State that has the media on fire with talk of perhaps another political assassination.

The Warren Commission Called The Original Fake News Organization

Schnapf is on the CAPA legal committee, and he made a comparison of the early 1960s to the present day after a discussion on why the assassination of JFK is still relevant today. He called the Warren Commission the original fake news organization. The Warren Commission became the official narrative of the government. The commission had refused to look into information that was said to be exculpatory and which has been hidden in government secrecy. Schnapf said that he hopes this is going to come out this year to comply with the JFK Assassination Records Act.

The group wants to use the shell casings that were found at the scene and ballistics analyses in the 21st century to find out if Oswald killed JFK or not. Schnapf said that the group would conduct a mock trial in November and then, later on, would go into a legal proceeding with the name of a Court of Inquiry, which would be a court proceeding that was official to prove that Oswald was not the one who shot Kennedy. They want to expunge the name of Oswald from the narrative and clear not only his name but that of his daughter. He concluded that “Oswald was not convictable, much less indictable”.

The lawyers of the group have maintained that the mainstream media overlooked the real assassination story, the government is not transparent, and the Department of Justice has been politicized, including the FBI.

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